Quixote Village Updates from Jaycie

Hi everyone – Jaycie here. I just wanted to give some updates on how we are all doing! We had our 3 year anniversary for the Village back in February as well as our 10 year anniversary for the start up of the camp. Can you believe it? We had a fun night with music, story telling, and tours to celebrate this milestone. We’ve accomplished so much in these past years but it’s really nothing compared to what our residents have achieved. People constantly amaze us with their resiliency! We’ve had people earn their high school diploma and Bachelor’s Degree. We’ve had people get their driver’s licenses back and own their own vehicle. People are going back to work (or continuing their work). People are reconnecting with family members they haven’t talked to in years. There are people who are finally able to work on their mental and/or physical health. People are learning to trust again. They don’t have to live on a 24 hour clock, trying to think of where they are going to stay or how they are going to get food or even how to heat it up. We have people who have fought extreme substance use addictions. We just had someone celebrate their 2 years of sobriety and have another resident about to celebrate their 4 years! People are constantly working on themselves and it’s a beautiful thing.

Residents have access to staff for supportive services. But they also have each other. There is a TON of peer support here at the Village. Residents are always helping each other out. It’s this type of peer mentorship that aids in the success of the Village. Residents are able to live with other people with shared experiences and it’s those shared experiences that bring them together. We aren’t just a Tiny Home Village, we’re a family.