About Us

We provide housing opportunities for people experiencing homelessness. We strive to make communities that promote access to the care and services its residents need to help them achieve their goals.

A community safely housed. A path to stability. A better quality of life.


This isn’t your ordinary neighborhood! Our community building holds our large kitchen, TV room, lounge area, two staff offices, and showers. This creates conversation with our residents. Friendships are formed with people who have similar lived experiences and you end up with a supportive community of 30 people! Residents really support each other through various struggles and hardships. They also all share the cleaning and light maintenance of our community building

Unlike living in an apartment with neighbors above, below, and on both sides of you, each resident has their own home. They have their own lawn and individual porches. This brings a sense of ownership and pride. If you came to the Village, you would see 30 tiny homes each with their own individuality and uniqueness.

Our 144 sq. ft. homes produce a smaller foot print. We have a 700 sq. ft. organic garden that residents use for harvesting produce. Our houses are also economically efficient, costing less than half of what it costs to build your average apartment.


We have a team comprised of an Executive Director, Program Manager, and Case Manager/Resident Advocate. Our trained staff work to support and guide our residents towards their goals. This can mean anything from getting a driver license back to reuniting with family members. We strive to deliver a trauma-informed approach that meets each individuals’ needs.