Hiring a Program Manager for Quixote Village

Quixote Village Program Manager

Job Description

September 19, 2013

Position title:                          Program Manager, Quixote Village

Reports to:                              Panza, Quixote Village Resident Council

Application deadline:             October 11, 2013

Program Description

Quixote Village will be an affordable housing program for 30 homeless adults.  It will be an innovative, sustainable, self-governing community with an elected Resident Council that includes a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.  The Resident Council will operate in partnership with the program manager.

Priority for residence in the Village will be given to the current residents of Camp Quixote, a self-governing tent camp that has moved from one church parking lot to another in Olympia, Washington for the past six-plus years.

The Village will consist of 30 small cabins and a community building that will include a communal kitchen and dining space, showers, laundry facilities, and meeting and office space.  The idea for this Village came from the founders of Camp Quixote.

Panza (named for Don Quixote’s servant and sidekick, Sancho Panza), is a non-profit organization that grew out of the faith communities that have hosted and supported Camp Quixote.  Panza will be the legal owner of the Village.

The Village is under construction now, and will be ready for occupancy in mid-December, 2013.

Panza contracts with Catholic Community Services for the services of a half-time Resident Advocate who helps Camp residents set goals and gain access medical, mental health, employment, disability and housing services.  The Resident Advocate will continue to serve the community following the move to Quixote Village.

Position Description

The Program Manager will be employed by Panza starting on or about November 15, 2013.  This is a full-time, permanent position.  The salary will be $48,000 per year plus benefits.

Panza will provide support in several ways, including financial oversight, bookkeeping, volunteer recruitment, and fundraising.

The Program Manager will:

In partnership with the Resident Council and Panza, plan for and execute moving 30 people from Camp Quixote to Quixote Village.

Be responsible for myriad start-up administrative processes, including finalizing the Village management plan, policies and procedures manual, and maintenance plan.

Be responsible for management of a resident-governed Village, including program oversight, public relations, volunteer management, and meeting reporting requirements for funders and government agencies.

Act as onsite facilities manager, including responsibility for facilities maintenance, including arranging for any contracted repairs, maintaining a preventive maintenance schedule, and coordinating with the Resident Council for maintenance and custodial work performed by residents.

Ensure compliance with fair housing and landlord/tenant laws, and manage related processes such as issuing legal notices and providing follow-up when there are lease violations or evictions.

Provide staff support to the Resident Council and its elected leaders, and provide leadership coaching and assistance to ensure that the Resident Council can fairly and consistently enforce house rules and standards of behavior, and amend them when necessary.

Create and maintain a system for receiving and recording applications for residence in the Village, perform background checks, and provide staff support to the Resident Council and its Screening Committee as they interview and make decisions on prospective residents who are eligible and in compliance with all funding sources and contracts.

In partnership with the elected leaders of the Resident Council and Panza, represent the Village in public settings to build and sustain community support, funding, and volunteer participation, and to ensure that the Village is a team player in the broader community’s efforts to end homelessness.

Execute rental or lease agreements with each resident, manage and maintain Village resident files, manage vacancies and unit turnover.

Manage the resident database including move-ins, move-outs and accounting ledgers including processing security deposits at move out.  Receive, process and deposit payments for rent, late fees and security deposits, and assist Panza in financial management.

Maintain close and regular contact with Panza, attend monthly Panza meetings, and inform Panza of any problems that may arise, any policies or processes that need improvement, and the Village’s track record in meeting its performance goals.

Communicate regularly with the Resident Advocate to discuss issues relating to the well being of individual residents and the community as a whole.

Manage the use, driver training, and maintenance of the Village van.

Manage Quixote Village website and social media

Desired qualifications

Significant experience working with people who have been homeless or marginalized, and those who have mental illness and/or addiction issues

Demonstrated expertise in management, including ability to establish and manage files, understand and comply with multiple contracts and reporting requirements, and single-handedly perform all the administrative functions of a small enterprise.

Successful experience in fundraising, community relations, and collaboration with multiple community organizations and initiatives

Proficiency with web site management, use of social media, and office software

Experience with non-profit organizations and boards

Commitment to social justice for people living in poverty, and a thoughtful approach to strategies for achieving it

Degree(s) in related fields

Application process

Send cover letter and resume to:


PO Box 2274

Olympia, Washington 98507

or email to:  jillsevern@comcast.net

For more information, go to www.quixotevillage.com