• United Way Day of Caring September 28, 2018 - Hi everyone – We just had an amazing experience at the United Way Day of Caring 2018! The United Way Day of Caring is the single largest day of volunteerism of Thurston County! We were graciously picked as a project site. … Continue reading
  • Guest blog spot: Educational Program Evaluation: Quixote Village by Jennifer Binus - Educational Program Evaluation: Quixote Village, Olympia, Washington ACE 640 July 2, 2018 Jennifer Binus Economic History/Background Information Regarding the Causative Situation for the Community Based Education Initiative Quixote Village’s story is really a tale of two cities:  Seattle and Olympia. … Continue reading
  • Evergreen State College interns focus on sustainability - Over the course of Spring quarter, two interns from the Evergreen State College, Melissa Rasmussen and Aaron Sauerhoff, met weekly with our Executive Director, Sean McGrady. They looked at the sustainability metrics of Quixote Village, how best to improve them, … Continue reading
  • Camp Quixote –> Quixote Village. Reposted from Tim Ransom - Article from Tim Ransom (former board present and current board member) in the Spring 2014 Special Edition Newsletter from The Olympia Unitarian Universality Congregation. The meetings of the Board and the Congregation [to vote on hosting Camp Quixote in February … Continue reading
  • Jacki’s Story - Jacki came to the village in July of 2014.  Her story is one of self-determination, strength, and courage. She lost contact with her children at a young age. After settling in at the Village she worked hard on her sobriety, … Continue reading
  • Resident receives Phoenix Award from BHR - One of our residents who recently moved into her own home received the Phoenix Award from BHR! BHR is Behavioral Health Resources in Olympia, WA. BHR is a multi-county provider for mental illness and addiction recovery services. They offer therapy, … Continue reading
  • Adopt A Tiny House - We are SO excited to announce our new fundraiser, Adopt a Tiny House! See our flyer below. You can contact us at 360-338-0451 for more info. It takes a Village!      
  • Life Skills 201 Graduation! - Hello everyone! I had the pleasure this Tuesday, July 25th, to witness five of our residents graduate from the Life Skills 201 Program at the Peace Center. Our residents went through a seven-week course packed with real life learning. Here … Continue reading
  • Orting Updates - Hello all, We have partnered with Community Frameworks, the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs, and Puget Sound Veterans Hope Center to create a tiny home village in Orting, Washington. The village will be the same set up as QV. … Continue reading
  • 2nd Week of Life Skills Class 201 - Hello all, Residents just completed their second week of the Life Skills Program 201 with the Peace Center! This week we learned about budgeting and finance. There were some great group activities where residents looked at how much they were … Continue reading

Our weekly walking group at Capitol Lake

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