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Garden Updates – Jaycie

I’ve had some people asking for updates on our garden. Well here you go! We have had a few weeding parties with residents, staff, volunteers, and board members. We are almost done overhauling the beds and will start planting soon! … Continue reading

How it all began by Jaycie

One of our most asked questions is how did Quixote Village get started? Well, let me tell you! The Village started as a tent city back in 2007. The tent city was established in protest of the Pedestrian Interference Ordinance. This … Continue reading

Quixote Village Updates from Jaycie

Hi everyone – Jaycie here. I just wanted to give some updates on how we are all doing! We had our 3 year anniversary for the Village back in February as well as our 10 year anniversary for the start … Continue reading

Spring is just around the corner!

Hi everyone, Jaycie here! Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time for us to work on the garden! The residents got together last week to put together a plan of action. Here are our “before” pictures. I … Continue reading

Exciting New Partnership with the City of Olympia!

Quixote Village overlooks Black Lake Meadows, a beautiful City of Olympia wetlands area that gathers and filters stormwater. Tom Otto and Jesse Barnham, who manage the Meadows, brought a crew of Americorps volunteers and planted native plants, mostly from the … Continue reading

Local Media Coverage of Quixote Village!

Meet QV Program Manager Raul Salazar and Panza President Tim Ransom in an interview on TCTV. On “Mission Non Profit,” Robert Kam talked with us about the history of Camp Quixote and what is going on at the Village today. … Continue reading

Villagers participate in a fun run!

Well, its been quite some time since there’s been a Quixote Village post.  It was a very busy summer, with gardens to grow and harvest, weeds to pull, a firewood shelter to build (thanks, Scott!), and on and on.  Hopefully … Continue reading

A New Award for Quixote Village

We are very pleased to announce that Quixote Village and Panza are the recipients of a Phoenix Award from BHR’s Community Mental Health Foundation.  BHR (or Behavioral Health Resources) gives Phoenix awards annually to “celebrate those who have risen from the … Continue reading

Spring at the Village

Spring!  Sun!  Gardens! Quixote Village has experienced the same incredible spring as the rest of Western Washington, and front porches on the cottages are the place to be!     And self-sufficiency through gardening is the word from walking “green … Continue reading

Quixote Village has Visitors!

Since the publication of the article on Quixote Village in the New York Times (, the stream of visitors to the Village seems to have been endless!  Most prominent have been major media groups (see my previous post for some) including, … Continue reading