Everyone deserves safe and affordable housing

We strongly believe at Quixote Village that everyone deserves safe and affordable housing. We work to provide housing for our community members experiencing homelessness in Thurston County, Washington. We are a tiny house village that offers communal living with rich peer mentorship and support. Our staff work side-by-side with residents to help them reach their individual goals and to connect them with various community services. Our houses are economically efficient, costing less than half of what it costs to build your average apartment. We also leave a smaller footprint with our simple 144 sq. ft. homes. But the most rewarding part of it all, is that our residents are no longer homeless. Housing is a primary need, first and foremost. Once residents are housed they are then able to work on other aspects of their lives such as education, employment, substance use, physical health, and mental health. This is no easy feat. Our residents are resilient survivors and we see their successes here every day.

Our amazing volunteers, Friends of the Village, have put together a GoFundMe to help pay for air conditioners. Each AC is $130. If we got 30 people to donate that amount we would have enough for everyone! Please help out and share if you can!


Help us purchase a wheelchair ramp! One of our residents is in dire need of a wheelchair ramp. After a lot of research, wefound the best one for him. However, because of the location and fit of our tiny homes the wheelchair ramp has to be more complex to fit ADA (American Disability Act) requirements. We will be renting the ramp for $580 a month. The total is $6,500. We would love to buy the ramp in order to have it permanently. Please help us purchase this ramp to provide better access to our residents!