Time to Get Down to It!

Serious work began last week at the Quixote Village construction site, off Mottman Road.  The first step is to level the ground, which means lots of great shovel work (who remembers Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel? ), lots of noise and dust.

IMG_0075_resizeFortunately the excavated dirt is being trucked only as far as the next lot, where the owner needs to fill in a hole.

I’ll be keeping you up to date on progress made as we go along.


(Below) Some of the cast of characters at the first of twice monthly construction meetings:  Jill Severn of Panza; Bob Wolpert, Board member and Owner’s Representative for Panza; Mike Goheen from Construct, Inc.; Garner Miller of MSGS Architects; Max Benson from Community Foundations; and Amy Head from SCJ Alliance.


(Left) Jill confers with Mike Goheen


(Right) Camp Quixote residents Scott and Steve hammer out details with the crew at MSGS architects.