Jacki’s Story

Jacki came to the village in July of 2014.  Her story is one of self-determination, strength, and courage. She lost contact with her children at a young age. After settling in at the Village she worked hard on her sobriety, as well as her patience, and was able to reunite with her children. Now, her son Michael comes by to visit on a regular basis. They like to bond over food and movies in her cottage. Jacki said, “my son has told me that he’s proud of me. It means the world to me”. She was able to see Michael walk down the aisle for his high school graduation—something that wouldn’t have been possible without the stability of a home at Quixote Village. She was also able to see her other son, William walk down an aisle – the wedding aisle! She has been so happy to reconnect with her children and continually works on her parenting skills. She is working on saving up money for a car and getting a Section 8 Voucher for her own place. We love to see their connection grow and are so glad to have Jacki with us. We can’t wait to see what’s next for her!

                                                             Jacki and her son Michael