Quixote Village, where it rains!

If you don’t live in Western Washington, then you may not know that it has been raining pretty steadily for almost a couple of weeks now–typical May showers followed by May downpours in anticipation of June floods!  Thanks to Alan Potter of AEP Hauling & Dozing Inc., the village site has been cleared and leveled, in preparation for digging of the storm water ponds, which, if you squint at this picture, look like they have already been filled!

Hopefully things will have dried up considerably in time for THE QUIXOTE VILLAGE GROUNDBREAKING CELEBRATION scheduled for Saturday, June 8th at 2 pm.  All friends of Camp Quixote and Quixote Village are invited as we take the opportunity to thank everyone who has helped move this unique, model response to homelessness in our community forward.  It will take place, come rain or come shine (the weather forecast is actually pretty good!), but we’ll have a big tent, just in case.  Please join us!

And if you are looking for a way to get involved, Camp Quixote will be moving its location, hopefully for the last time, on Saturday, June 29th, from its current site at First Christian Church on Franklin Street in Olympia to Westminster Presbyterian Church on Boulevard Road.

Moving Camp Quixote

Pickup trucks and strong backs will be needed all day, and it will be another great opportunity to get to know the residents and your friends and neighbors who  are helping.  If you want more information about the move and what’s needed, please contact Miriam at (360) 584-9804.

Oh, and please be sure to “Share” and “Like” our Facebook posts.  We need all the friends we can get!

Work on Quixote Village Begins!

Welcome to the first issue of the QUIXOTE VILLAGE BLOG!

Over the next few weeks and months we will keep you up to date here with progress made in the construction of Quixote Village, a permanent supportive housing site for homeless adults in our area.  The development will include 30 small cottages surrounding a community building, and we hope it will look something like this:

Artist’s birds eye view of Quixote Village

The residents of Camp Quixote and Panza have been dreaming of building the Village ever since the camp began, and now, after years of fundraising, planning and designing, the day is finally here!


We are overjoyed to announce that what used to look like this:

The site on Mottman Road, “before…”





Now looks like this:

And “after.”

Thanks to the extremely generous donation of Alan Potter and his crew at AEP Hauling and Dozing, clearing of the site has begun, and excavation of the stormwater ponds will soon follow.  HoooooRahhhh!

So keep an eye on these blog pages for on-the-spot and up-to-date postings on our progress!  If you want to know more about who we are and where we’ve come from, check out the rest of the Quixote Village website.

Oh, and be sure to mark your calendar for June 8th and our groundbreaking celebration at 2 pm at the construction site, 3350 Mottman Rd SE, 3/4s of a mile west of South Puget Sound Community College, in Olympia.  It will be a grand time, and an opportunity for everyone to get involved in this wonderful project to help our homeless neighbors.  See you there!